Corporate Finance Services for the new emergings Global Value Networks Supply Chains

maat Group Structured Finance  professional services  becomes a powerful tool while widespread Coronavirus lockdowns are in effect. 


Structured finance in an age of "social distancing," quarantine and personal isolation, provides significant advantages in contrast to conventional forms of corporate finance work.

Structured finance projects, including securitizations and syndicated loan deals call for the issuance of debt instruments and loan products allows borrowers and issuers lack vast employee populations that require sheltering-in-place.

Structured finance methodologies are related to the use by the borrower of Special Purpose Vehicle that exists in documentary form only and does not require vast populations of employees or human ressources..

maatGroup Securitization are techniques rely on contract management (nominee board members) to run them and operate in “lean” mode with pre-programmed cash flow structures requiring very little ongoing maintenance working remotely to monitor the fiscal and finacial health of the structure.

Covid-19 has made the idea of localisation — as opposed to globalisation — seem newly fashionable in business in a new business  world where frozen transport logistics, trade protectionism and tense geopolitics are the new key pillars.

Half of big global companies have created targets for cutting emissions, sometimes by as much as 10-40 per cent by 2030, which “is not easily achievable through energy efficiency”.

Now forced to relocate supply chains, this could have a striking impact.

maatGroup Circular Economy Services allows revolutionize and reshape Global Supply Chains as a result of the emergings shifst in the coming years because the impact of Climate Emergence Strategies and COVID 19 disruption in the Business Landscape.